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EC Centrifugal Fans

Cutting-edge EC motor design, you no longer need a frequency transformer or additional capacitor, easy and multifunctional with  various ways of speed control

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Wide Applications

Cooling Component

Fan solutions to Autotronics, Welding machines, Refrigerators, Sewing Machines, All-in-one PC, Air purifier, Humidifier, Set Top Box, LED lights, Mobile device, Solar Inverters, Servers, etc.


Fan solutions to Camping Stove, Barbicue device, Wall Fire Stove and heaters, Truck Heating Device, Portable Heaters, Biological Stove, Dryer, etc.


Fan solution to Telecommunication Cabinet, Storage Ventilation, Solar Attic Ventilation, Basement Ventilation, Warm House Farming, Ventilation for Indoor Growing/ Hydroponics, House Ventilation, etc.

New products

Delta Equilvalent High Speed  Fan


Focus on Offering Competitive Solution from China

There are so many diverse fans in the industry, and quality is our first concern when developing a new fan. Keeping the quality doesn't really mean that we have to give bad quality fans. Thanks to optimization of our quality control and cost control over the past decade, we are always able to balance between cost and quality for different customers and give the satisfactory solutions to every customer.

Specialized in Customized Solutions

There is a wide range of customized design service available here at LONGFLOW, from drawing, prototyping, tooling, sample building to mass production. Besides lots of standard models, we also make it easy for every customer to have their own solution by offering advanced PCB design, waterproof treatment, speed controls, fan alarms, PWM controls and thermal controls with all kinds of connector options.

Large and Safe Network for Fast and Safe Delivery

With years' activity in the industry and global distributions, we have built a stable and sustainable logistic network for sea shipment, air shipment, courier, and brokers. Rich experience in logistic sector enables us to help the customer with better and cheaper delivering option and tackle a various problem in exporting and importing, just leave all to us, and you will have your cargo delivered on time.

Warranty Cover on All Fan Series

Confidence in ourselves we have, all of the products are dispatched with quality guarantee. The warranty program is from 1 year to 5 years, depending on different kinds of fans. A strict double QC process and employee training program makes it easy to control the defect rate below 0.5%.

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why choose LONGFLOW

Based on decades' experience in working with our customers and clients home and abroad, LONGFLOW has been committed to providing the most competitive fan & ventilation solutions in the market. Every single fan in each order will receive a burning in test before package and delivery, thus we are able to provide full warranty for all of our fans and ventilators.



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